Robe à l'anglaise retroussée à la polonaise (1770)

For example...

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The skirt is pink wild silk, chiffon ruffles and froufroux cream.

The coat dress is a pair of old curtains with floral motifs embroidered recovered with friends. The color is a little faded in places, there is a little work of mending well. But it shall not mind, it does not seem so get a new dress, it will be "vintage" ! Trolling will be doubled in the same wild silk petticoat.

The bodice is reinforced by stiffening tick between the outer fabric and lining. The back seam is boned on each side, front closure with staples is also boned.

Lace and frills adorn the neckline, the engaging ... etc ...

Skirt :


Fitting the bodice :




The links used to address the train :

Behind the scenes :

Overwiew, not finished :

The "engageantes" :

"Fichu menteur" (small cotton shawl edged end of old lace, past the shoulder to conceal a minimum wide neckline of the dress)

Finished !

robe à l'anglaise

robe à l'anglaise

robe à l'anglaise

robe à l'anglaise

Journée Grand Siècle 2012, to the château de Vaux le Vicomte

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